Besides being a professional artist and illustrator, I have taught private students, small classes and presented workshops in painting and drawing for over ten years. I have a passion for teaching, and enjoying sharing my skills and knowledge with students who wish to learn. If you are interested, please email me for more information.

Teaching Offerings:

Private Lessons: 30 euros for 70 minutes

Group Lessons: During Summer months I take small groups to the parks and sites around Berlin, where we spend the afternoon studying and exploring the city. If you would like to join or are just visitng the city for a day or two, it’s a great way to spend the afternoon and see parts of the city off the beaten path.
- Instructor demos, personal feedback, and creative exploration are encouraged.
- All supplies provided, snacks too! Bring your own beer and wine!
- Price is 25 euros for 2.5 hours
Please email me if you are interested in joining the Quick Studies Painting and Drawing class!

Workshops: Traditional techniques are offered periodically, and workshops on Quick Painting Studies are offered during the Summer months in Berlin. Please check local listings in Berlin and Monterey, CA (f. ex. Berlin Drawing School, Open Ground Studios, etc). Or better yet, send me an email and I will keep you up to date with new Workshop offerings. Prices vary per workshop.

Student Thoughts:

Chris is great! He's both engaging and at ease in the teaching studio. It's a pleasure to have someone so incredibly competent at your side. It's even better to feel as though you are learning from someone whose own artistic products you actually respect and appreciate. That, alone, is enough to put you at ease that your dollars are safe at work (did I mention that his time is quite reasonably priced?). During my time with him, Chris went out of his way a number of times to ensure that my goals and considerations were properly addressed and my training was properly tailored to these in due course. He is a terrific mentor and I recommend him as a drawing instructor wholeheartedly.

-Jake Kopperman

I found Chris' website. I was fascinated by his painting posted on the web and decided to apply to his class. The painting class was my favorite time in the week. Chris let me explore my own style and taught me how to improve my techniques. The class is fun. He is a great teacher!

-Panuwan Lerssrisuriya

Drawing and painting can be extremely frustrating. With all the art classes I've taken, the question in my mind was, "If I have difficulty seeing an object for exactly what it is, how is someone outside of me going to do that?" Past instructors were never really able to reconcile what I see, how I process and how to depict that two dimensionally. I was very distraught. Yet, I knew I had a passion for fine arts and did not want to give up so easily. With Chris, drawing and painting became enjoyable. He has the uncanny ability to show you how to draw and paint what is really there, NOT what you think you see. He is a phenomenal artist and a very gifted teacher. Patience, kindness, ability to be objective and trusting are only some of the things that describe him and his ability!

-Dorothy Santos

I started collecting Chris Leib's work in 2002 and have continued to do so, ever since. His work is filled with his dry sense of humor and delight from an old world perspective. I have had the good fortune to be the recipient of his teachings as an artist. He has a keen eye for the slightest detail that can make all the difference in the mood or the context of paintings.

An old master, his sensibility and presentation are exquisite and his sense of humor quietly grabs you.

-Cynthia Tom, fine artist, curator

A terrific source of knowledge for any artist! I have painted on and off for years but under Chris' instruction and guidance I was able to take a significant step forward and deepen my understanding of painting. With years of practical experience behind him, Chris easily answers all manner of questions on materials and technique. Through helpful one on one critiques he gave me suggestions on how to push my work further and also suggested uses of materials I didn't know about or didn't think to try. He offered up very practical, step by step instruction that helped me build upon my current skills and gave me excellent advice on how to continue developing my own personal direction.

-Spence Snyder

Chris Leib is an artist of exceptional talent, strength, vision, sensitivity, and humor. These are what Chris in his teaching instilled in me: Sensitivity to line quality in drawings; sensitivity to color; nuances of surrounding colors; and the passages of value and intensity. Colors in themselves are a challenge and I find Chris to have strength in this area. Working with a limited palette I was amazed Chris was able to guide me in obtaining the intended color!
Chris teaches with gentleness and is aware of your needs, guiding you to accomplish your intended goals. He will know if you are having trouble with your drawing or painting. Even if you don't say anything, he will notice when you are getting tense with you work, how you're sitting, or how you're holding the pencil or paint brush.
If you desire to paint in the style of the old Masters, and are up for the challenge, Chris Leib is the artist/teacher for you. If your goal is to paint still life, Chris is the one. If you are into portraiture, again Chris is the one for you. It is not only getting a likeness of the sitter and their personaility which Chris can capture, I have not seen many render the painting of skin color like Chris. It is alive, it breathes!
I am proud to say I'm a student of Chris Leib and that he is my mentor and hope he will count me as not only his student, but a friend as well.

- Reineres Susbilla

Chris Leib is an excellent oil painting teacher. I met with him once a week for over a year for a one-on-one class. I would continue with him but he moved out of San Francisco. He's the real deal. He knows how to do it and he knows how to teach it. Plus, he's a great guy. We had a lot of fun.

- Ed Bedard

Talking about challenges on 2017... The 'Quick Painting Studies' with Chris Leib, at Open Ground Studios, was one of the biggest (and greatest) challenge ever faced.
Combine the pressure of learning how to hold a brush correctly and how to use oil paint at the same time and produce something reasonable. By the way... in less than 30 minutes and with limited palette (5-9 colors including B&W). Amazing learnings that change your life, not only your art skills!!! Excellent to build up focus and self confidence. Thanks, Chris and see you next week with new amazing/rewarding challenges

- Renato Bordignon

Seriously though, I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed getting to know you over the last 6 months. And how much I have come to enjoy the process of learning to paint because of you. You’re a great teacher, with loads of patience and encouragement, and the environment you create is very student-centered and supportive.  I feel very lucky to have “studied” with you.  

Thanks for sharing your talents, 

- Elizabeth